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It seems u’ll always be another person 2nd choice no matter how u put em on the top of ur list.

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6 months ago · 06th Oct 13

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Why am I always have a crush on unidentified fabulous object? Why cant I just have it with ppl around me or sumone living next door? I mean this is so useless. We’ll never make it nor even know each other. And I just can get it with another. Just cant. Yo scumbag feelin,

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7 months ago · 13th Sep 13
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Im just waking up from a short nap and all of a sudden feeling like a zombie instead of feeling fresh, fully rested or whatebber. And it takes fifteen to thirty minutes before I felt human.

So I googled this, thought id find a scientific reason for my question.(Good I did)
I typed ‘why waking up and feeling like a zombie’ in the search bar (it wont get any longer). And found this very very simple answer. Well it says good nap that reveals power takes at least 90 minutes and naps under 90 doesnt complete the sleep cycle.

Thats good cause if someone wakes me up in my middle nap I could blame them for turning me into zombie and freely eat those fawking annoying human population around me cause well yeah im a zombie.


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8 months ago · 14th Aug 13
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8 months ago · 14th Aug 13

im kinda tired to support this kind of a friend cause he drown in his sadness, literally. I’ve done tryin my best but he is dyin alive.

Sum ppl should really know how to locate theirselves in some conditions. And just not being stucked all day long thinking about their mistakes instead of doin sumthin to fix em.



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